Holiday decorating and restraint don't always go together, but that doesn't mean your Christmas tree can't be as tasteful and minimal as you see fit. A tree covered in translucent and silver ornaments is the perfect choice for a simple black and white interior. An incredibly simple approach for a tree would be to decorate with only lights. White and silver ornaments make for a lovely combo on a tree with a basket that gives off a organic modern vibe.




Now that Thanksgiving is over it is time to decorate your home and get in the Christmas spirit!!! This is my favorite time of the year!


I will be doing gift guides for her and him under the holiday shop!

Stay tuned!



It is finally starting to feel like the Holidays. This is my favorite time of the year. You have a friends giving before or after the holiday. If you decide to host a friendsgiving after thanksgiving its perfect to eat some of your left overs and have your friends bring what they ate on thanksgiving. Hosting a friendsgiving can be stressful but you can make it not stressful with these fun tips!

When to have it

Having it before or after the holiday is completely acceptable.November 19th or December 3rd are both great dates for it – but a Friday or Sunday would be great too.

How to Decorate

A great thing about friendsgiving is that it is with your friends and however you decide to decorate it is okay and you do not have to impress anyone special.

Fresh Fruit

A cute way to add a decorative centerpiece for the table. Seasonal fruit that goes with your decoration theme of your friendsgiving. If you are worried about it going bad you can always wait till the day before you are hosting the friendsgiving to buy it so it is very fresh.


Making your home smell like fall with all the food can smell oh so good but you don't want a candle to take over the smell of the delicious food. You can buy fragrance free candles to add the perfect touch. I always love candle sticks in the center of the table. You can light a fragranced candle in your guest bathroom.


You can personalize a menu yourself or do it on Etsy. A personalized menu with personalized cards with your friends names at the table makes it look like you went above and beyond to add the perfect touches in decorating.


A flower arrangement in the middle of the table is always so pretty and elegant. If you do not want to spend money on flowers you can always use greenery and lay it out in the table.

What to serve

You can ask them to bring something without feeling like a bad host because they are your FRIENDS.

Depending on how many people are coming, ask at least 1 person per five people to bring one of the following: appetizer, side, dessert, drink.

Hosting Essentials

5 senses

You want to make sure everyones senses are happy.

Smell = good food cooking and a candle in the bathroom.

Eyes = make the table as pretty as you want, but be sure to clean up your house so people aren’t walking into a mess.

Touch = give people somewhere comfortable to sit.

Hear = soft music that is not overwhelming.

Taste = the delicious food covers this!


Make sure you have a good speaker and make a playlist before friendgiving that you want to play.


Get boxes for leftovers to send home food with your friends.