I have always dreamed of going to this restaurant in London called Sketch. My dream came true when I was in London walking down the street and saw Sketch. I had totally forgotten that it was in London and didn't even think to visit it. When I saw it I immediately ran across the street and my friends were looking at me like what the heck are you doing. I was so excited I ran up to the door and the hostess asked for my ID and I immediately thought I was not going to be able to go in and look at the interiors. As I was asking the hostess if I could just walk through and look around the owner walked up and said " Of course, follow me". I was one happy girl. When I entered the tea room, I was in amazed. It looked even prettier in person then it did on previous pictures I had seen before going. I was so happy I spotted it walking down the street and even happier that the owner was so nice and let me come in and take pictured. If I ever go back to London i will for sure go back and has tea at Sketch. For those who are currently planning a trip to London or ever go to London, Sketch is a must to go see with your own eyes and a beautiful place fore tea.




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